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Justice Of The Peace Court and was established pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statutes 13:5200-5212. You may sue to resolve minor civil disputes and to recover claims that do not exceed $5,000.00. A claim, generally speaking, asserts a legal right you may have.

You may use JPC to sue someone who lives IN ST BERNARD PARISH. You may also sue in JPC. if you were personally injured or your property was damaged by actions of another party within the limits of St. Bernard Parish, regardless where the party causing your injury may live. Otherwise, the Court’s authority to handle cases affecting defendants who do not reside within the St. Bernard Parish limits depends on numerous factors that warrant professional legal advice.

You must be EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE or an emancipated minor to file a case in JPC, but minors and incompetents may sue through a parent or guardian. If you are filing suit on behalf of a business, a duly authorized officer, shareholder, agent, representative, or employee of a corporation or unincorporated association may file suit on behalf of the organization if the dispute involves an open account or negotiable instrument. Otherwise, a corporation must be represented in Court by a licensed attorney (La. R.S. 37:212C).

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