Landlord and Tenant Law

Our effort is to provide updated material for guidance and assistance for both Landlords and Tenants.  To the right is a copy of the AG's guide to Landlord and Tenant Law.  It will assist you in understanding the guidelines around a rental property. Please click on the book cover and it will open the guide for you to download or read online.



The eviction guide covers the procedures for the Justice of the Peace Court.

Notice to Vacate and the Statutes guiding service of the documents can be found on the NOTICE TO VACATE PAGE.


Click on the link and will take you to the page to download the forms or fill out and print from the web.



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The guides and documents provided do not constitute legal advice but are documents widely available from sources like the Attorney General of Louisiana.  The Justice of the Peace Office cannot offer legal advice but provide widely used resources to improve service.