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Performing a Marriage at the Justice Of The Peace

Justices of the peace are authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies within the parish in which the court of that justice of the peace is situated, and in any parish within the same supreme court district, or in a parish which that has no justice of the peace court, except for Orleans Parish.


Justices of the peace cannot perform a marriage ceremony until they receive the parties’ marriage license.  Marriage licenses must show the date and exact time of issuance on their face. These licenses are only valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issuance. Justices of the peace must not perform marriages after marriage licenses have expired. 


All marriage ceremonies must be performed in the presence of two competent witnesses.  Marriage certificates and licenses must be on a form approved by the state registrar of vital records. They must also contain the information required by the registrar, state that marriage actually took place, and must be signed.


Interactive Application for St. Bernard Parish.

Ceremony used by Justice Bowman

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